Holistic Health 

 Men's Wellness Coach 

1. Research-based men's wellness coaching 
2. 12 and 24 week membership options
3. Healthie fitness and nutrition portal
4. Experience weight loss, stress reduction, and burnout prevention  
5. BUILD self-efficacy, regulation, and advocacy skills
6. USE a superbly designed health coaching platform


discover who you


are meant to be

A Doctor's Holistic Health Coaching Approach for Men's Wellness

Emotional Wellness. 


With a men's wellness coach, diminish destructive thought patterns, increase resilience, and optimize satisfaction with your life through the mental health aspect of life. 

Physical Wellness. 

Achieve wellness goals and set a vision for eating and exercising in a way that is meaningful to you; this is the crux of holistic health coaching. With physical wellness, the other dimensions grow more favorably in your life.

Occupational Wellness.

Find meaning, satisfaction, and growth in your career by establishing values and purpose pertinent to your situation. With life coaching, you can. 

Intellectual Wellness.


Utilize your mind to learn new information, master it, and apply it. 

Epigenetic Health Coaching. 


Take control of your DNA with an epigenetic health coach to manage stress, brain performance, dietary factors, and other aspects affecting your emotional, physical, occupational and intellectual wellness. 

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Proud to serve today's age of adult men by setting sustainable goals, achieving a better lifestyle, and empowering them with self-efficacy and self-regulation. Dr. Lee Quist mainly sees clients in the Columbus, OH area but also in Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York.

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